Tim Vagen's Balance for Life DVD


Simple Solutions for a Higher Quality of Life!        

Increase Mobility

Reduce Falls and Injuries

Gain Pelvic Floor Control (Incontinence)           

If You are Experiencing This
  • Lack of confidence in movement or walking due to balance loss
  • Reduced quality of life from mobility issues
  • Issues with incontinence and pelvic floor control
  • Increased fear of falling

Get Back What you Have Lost

  • Follow along DVD shows you exercises you can complete at home, and with no special equipment
  • Based on a popular Balance for Life class that Tim has taught for years at Valley Medical Center in Renton, WA
  • The exercises target core and pelvic floor strength, the latter is imperative for controlling incontinence
  • The focus of the DVD is on teaching simple exercises that quickly improve both confidence and balance for improved mobility
  • You'll see and feel improvement in just a few short sessions
  • Start improving your quality of life today (or that of your loved ones)

The Inspiration for a Balance Program

"My wife's beloved great Aunt Bettie would come visit us every other year or so, and as she aged, she became more and more sedentary.  However, she had always been an adventuring 'up for anything' gal, and my wife had grand plans for us to go sightseeing and gallivanting.  My wife was shocked as Bettie became less steady on her feet with each trip.  Out of that was born the necessity for a program to get Bettie moving confidently so we could traipse off to see the great Northwest.  We were all astounded at the progress Bettie made in a short amount of time, both regaining confidence and realizing renewed balance and stability.  Bettie was but the first to pique my interest in helping seniors achieve a higher quality of life through mobility and core control exercises that restore confidence around movement."  -Tim Vagen

What People Have to Say About the Program


Dick was an active retiree enjoying his love of racing cars until an unexpected crash during a race.  After an amazing recovery with the help of many, he's returned to the sport he loves, as well as a mobile life.  "From a struggling wheel chair driver to a confident pace car driver.  Thanks, Tim!"

Wes is a retired pastor.  He was diagnosed with Parkinson's shortly after retirement.  The Seattle Times published an article on training for people with medical conditions and highlighted Wes and his work with Tim.  "'I can't' are the easiest words for anyone. That is especially so when you have a serious and chronic condition. But each Wednesday morning, [Wes] shows up at Valley Fitness Center, inside Renton's Valley Medical Center, to work under the supervision of trainer Tim Vagen."  - Richard Seven.  The full article is at http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=20051118&slug=pacificpfit20


What you can expect from the DVD

  • Over 35 minutes of instruction
  • Follow along format with no special equipment

About the author - Tim Vagen

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • Extensive work with mobility and balance issues
  • Experience with medical conditions that affect balance, such as Parkinson's, MS, head injuries
  • Runs Unlimited Athlete business in Renton, WA


Ready to start seeing results?  


Balance for Life   29.95 + S/H  


Balance is a very important factor as we get older.  When you start to lose your ability to balance, it can deprive you of confidence, mobility, and quality of life.  This DVD will provide you with simple exercises and progressions that will allow you to bring back what you feel you have lost.  With these few simple and easy exercises, you CAN improve balance, which will improve your quality of life.   

  • Core control
  • Confidence
  • Mobility / improved walking
  • Pelvic floor control (incontinence)
  • Fall injury prevention