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Is your dry land program experiencing these symptoms?

Tim Vagen's "Dry Land Training for Swimmers" targets desired

results with a swimmer specific core strength building program

What swimmers and coaches have to say about the program

"Working with Tim Vagen and Unlimited Athlete over the last 5 years has taken my swimming career to a new level. With Tim's help, we have been able to find and strengthen weaknesses in my muscular system that can be incorporated into my strokes in the pool. By linking my body together using both big and small muscles, it has made me a more efficient swimmer. Tim has a great program put together because I know that what I am doing on land is directly linked to making me a better swimmer."

Ariana Kukors

USA Swimming National Team

World Record Holder, 200 IM

World Champion




"I started weight lifting during my college career and immediately began to see the results reflected in my swimming. Upon switching coaches and moving to Seattle in April of 2008, I began working with Tim Vagen of Unlimited Athlete. Much of the work I did with Tim was different than exercises I had previously done. Swimming involves a series of repetitive motions and the work I did with Tim helped to work many of the opposing muscles, thus creating balance. I have never had a major injury, but have had several small bumps along the way. Tim helped to stabilize the weak areas and thus helped me achieve a more balanced body in which to work on overall strength."

"As an elite level athlete, I am very picky about who I work with. Tim's ability to understand the demands and challenges of his athletes is extremely important. As an athlete himself, as well as having trained elite athletes in various sports, he clearly understands the emotional and physical demands of his athletes. All in all Tim helped me with my athletic career and I have full confidence that he can help whomever he works with!"

Margaret Hoelzer


USA Swimming National Team

USA Olympic team medalist - 2004 & 2008

Swimming World Champion





"Tim Vagen and his program have become and invaluable part of our elite athlete development.  His understanding of what it takes to build strong, athletic and coordinated athletes, all while aiding in injury prevention, is unmatched.  I trust Tim and his knowledge with any elite athlete we work with.  He truly gives us an advantage over our competitors."


Sean Hutchison

USA Swimming, 2009 World Championship Team, Head Coach

USA Swimming, 2009 Olympic Team, Assistant Coach

King Aquatic Club (WA), USA Swimming Gold Medal Club, Head Coach and CEO

Fullterton Aquatics (CA), Professional and Post Grad Training Center, Elite Program Director

"Tim Vagen’s “Dry Land Training For Swimmers” DVD is loaded with creative strength and flexibility exercises that are guaranteed to benefit any competitive swimmer or triathlete.  As a certified strength and conditioning professional with over two decades of experience, I am thrilled to endorse Tim’s DVD.  My clients include an Olympian as well as several other elite swimmers and triathletes.  The exercises presented in “Dry Land Training For Swimmers” can benefit every skill, age or fitness level.   All things being equal, the stronger swimmer will always prevail.  Take your swimming performance to a higher level by integrating the numerous exercises that has helped Tim produce top results for the past twenty years!"


Bryan Briddell, Ph.D.



Saratoga (NY) Peak Performance




What you can expect from the DVD

  • Over 35 minutes of instruction
  • Movement evaluation
  • Stroke specific exercises, each demonstrated by swimmers
  • Core and glute strengthening section
  • Upper and lower body exercises
  • Exercises for pull and kick synchronization
  • Exercises for start and turn explosiveness

About the author - Tim Vagen of Unlimited Athlete

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • Working with athletes since 1984
  • Actively working with regional, national and international swimmers
  • Works with swim clubs on customized dry land programs


Ready to start seeing results?  

Dry Land Training for Swimmers DVD    29.95 + S/H  

Experience the dry land training program used by some of the world’s top competitive swimmers to gain strength and speed in the water.  This program focuses on increasing the strength of athletes in a sport where little emphasis has traditionally been placed on strength training.  This innovative approach to strength training for swimming will help both coach and athlete achieve very high levels of strength and coordination.  The athlete will learn:

  • Movement evaluation

  • Stroke specific exercises

  • Core and glute strengthening

  • Upper and lower body synergy

  • Pull and kick synchronization

  • Start and turn explosiveness