Dry Land Training for Swimmers DVD    29.95 + S/H  

Experience the dry land training program used by some of the world’s top competitive swimmers to gain strength and speed in the water.  This program focuses on increasing the strength of athletes in a sport where little emphasis has traditionally been placed on strength training.  This innovative approach to strength training for swimming will help both coach and athlete achieve very high levels of strength and coordination.  The athlete will learn:

  • Movement evaluation

  • Stroke specific exercises

  • Core and glute strengthening

  • Upper and lower body synergy

  • Pull and kick synchronization

  • Start and turn explosiveness

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Core-Training with the Waterball DVD    29.95 + S/H    

This DVD introduces a new and uniquely effective approach to core training.  Most core training concepts incorporate an unstable surface for increased difficulty.  The Water Ball adds variable resistance to the equation, resulting in a fabulous workout for your core and total body.   The Water Ball is a liquid weight that moves with and against your movement to challenge your muscles. 

  • Adds another dimension to even the simplest exercises
  • Introduces reactionary core training
  • Provides an excellent balance and mobility regime
  • Delivers instant core conditioning



Dynamic Warm-Up DVD    29.95 + S/H     

Are your athletes ready to play their best?  Have them ready to play in less than 15 minutes with this easy to implement and time efficient warm-up routine.  The warm-up uses fundamental movement mechanics and speed and agility drills combined with mobility exercises for injury prevention and optimum performance.  The GOFAST Dynamic Warm-up is easy, fun, and fast, preparing the body for play by accomplishing the following: 

  • Increasing joint mobility
  • Elevating heart rate and increasing circulation
  • Increasing body temperature (warming up tissues)
  • Stimulating the Central Nervous System
  • Getting athletes GAME READY!



                                     Balance for Life  29.95 + S/H  

Balance is a very important factor as we get older.  When you start to lose your ability to balance, it can deprive you of confidence, mobility, and quality of life.  This DVD will provide you with simple exercises and progressions that will allow you to bring back what you feel you have lost.  With these few simple and easy exercises, you CAN improve balance, which will improve your quality of life.   

  • Core control
  • Confidence
  • Mobility / improved walking
  • Pelvic floor control (incontinence)
  • Fall injury prevention
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This tried and true program is taught by Tim Vagen, CSCS, in a class format at Valley Medical Center’s Fitness Center in the Seattle area.  Now you can follow along with Tim on this DVD as he takes you down the path to greater balance.  You will see improvements in just a few short sessions, and learn exercises you can do virtually anywhere, with no equipment.  Follow the program that Tim’s 80 year old mom swears by!