Rites of Passage


I sit in the warm tattered car, with my mind soaring with new tasks that will be appointed to me.  But then I ponder the reason that I am going to this place, which in the end, causes me pain.  Honestly, I love that place more then anything else, it helps me through my toughest of times.  Like when I was emotionally down, from many disappointments, it was always there for me, it helped me recover.  I pulled up to this extraordinary place, it feels and looks, like an ice castle.  I was waiting for the time of testing.  Upon paying the toll to enter this palace, I noticed I wasn’t alone.  There were a

 people , unrecognizable people,  I see there, along with the master coach. They push themselves in a way I could never even imagine.  Later, I found out, that those people were highly ranked figure skaters.

Later on, when those people had left, I began my mile long battle, one foot at a time.  I can only think of one tortuous work-out I have had to do that I had dreaded all day, my trainer calls them alligators.  I call them killer Spiderman’s.  I made up that name because I looked like Spiderman and I must say they were harder than a piece of steel.  But of course one, of the first exercises I had to do, was the evil Spiderman’s; my lovely mother of aged skin and knowledge of a monk, laughed ever so intensively while I pulled myself down the most treacherous black field of the gym.  Also that fine hard worked day, I did another seemingly impossible move, I had to hold onto two ropes and pull my full body weight up and then lightly set it back down. That, of all things, was one of the hardest things I was trying to accomplish at the “ice box of doom and torture.”  But, I have heard from an array of people, that the change in all of my abilities has become far greater. At the end of the hour, I start to wither, I was no longer the burly girl I once knew; I was a limp noodle of pain and new knowledge.


Back into the warm tattered car I went, along with the mother that had taught me; and then the most awkward of questions bellowed my way.  “Kacey, dear, why do you try so hard? When you always seem to fall on your butt, why do you get up and keep going? Why don’t you just… quit?” I muted my answer for a moment and thought of how to reply, and then it came to me, “Mom, even though you fall off the horse you have always taught me to get back up, I have been disappointed too many times, and I will not have it happen again.”  And then I went on, “Mom, I gave up on too many things in my life, and I had thought about quitting many times, but I kept thinking just wait, you will see the change, and Mom that day has finally come. I have gained many inches in vertical jump and I have found that when it comes to physical and a few mental things, I am much stronger than before. I love how I feel after a session in that place; it is the best feeling coming out of there knowing that tomorrow, I will be even more strong and tough.”  Then I glance over and see a small quavering tear gather in this amazing woman’s eye, like a kid waiting for that recess bell to ring and just fly out of its pervious place. My mother was crying she told me that she had never heard someone of my age have that much wisdom, she also added how incredibly impressed she was with my feelings. We did not speak much afterwards but I now know, that what I felt wasn’t just luck, it was earned, and I will forever now have the trust in my parents that I always wished for.  Thank you, Unlimited Athlete and Jenn!!!!!!!!!!!

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