" Techniques that Tim taught me through training carried me through an injury free basketball season; I was the only person on my team to not get hurt or be disturbed by a chronic problem. Strength I have gained through training has parlayed into more confidence in my game. "
Thanks,  Edy J. Seattle Prep Basketball

"Tim has a very creative mind, and has the uncanny ability to find the correct exercises for the task at hand.  Whether you are rehabilitating, strengthening, or working on agility, Tim will help you reach the next peak  --Tracey Eaton, NFL ‘88-‘93

“Tim Vagen is always my “go to” guy when it comes to my training.  Whether it be for strengthening, quickness, or endurance, he is always there for me” --Special Agent Mac Whisler, US Secret Service

I first met Tim Vagen in 1995 while working with physical therapy patients. I was thoroughly impressed then with his knowledge and skill in assessing patient needs relative to their rehabilitation and providing guidance to them. Since that time, Tim has opened his own business and has not only continued to demonstrate an excellent ability for providing training services, but has proven an ability to share that information with others. Tim’s presentations provide a clear understanding of supported information with a level of engagement that is entertaining as well. I look forward to and enjoy listening and learning from Tim.-- Kathryn Russell MS, ATC, CSCS*D, ACSMcPT, NSCA Northwest Regional Director

Tim Vagen and his program have become an invaluable part of our elite athlete development.  His understanding of what it takes to build strong, athletic and coordinated athletes, all while aiding in injury prevention, is unmatched.  I trust Tim and his knowledge with any elite athlete we work with.  He truly gives us an advantage over our competitors. -- Sean Hutchison, Head Coach KING Aquatic Club, USA Swimming Head Women's Coach, World Championship Team 2009, Beijing Olympic Assistant Coach

Unlimited Athlete combines everything I want in a training program, it is a unique and challenging environment that compliments my swimming and builds strength and control that would not be possible in the water alone. The perhaps untraditional methods utilized at Unlimited Athlete make each workout interesting and fun, they are the sort of workouts that get me excited about training hard! -- Trent Staley, US National Swim Champion

“It seems the girls had more fun at camp that they let on.  Since we went on vacation right after camp ended, Monica's first opportunity to use what she learned was at soccer practice when we got back.  When the team had to run their laps, she finished 4th instead of at the end and during the first game of the soccer tournament she played almost the whole game.  She was very quick on her feet and kept moving.  This continued for the whole tournament (3 days), during the last game she was a little pooped out.  I would have been wiped out after the first game.”-Vivian  

“I sent my 3 oldest kids to your camp. The oldest(12) is always telling me what a waste of money the camps are that I send him to. At the end of your camp he said" Well dad I have to admit this is the first camp where it was worth the money". He has also asked if they can go to more of the speed camps. For him to ask to go to any camp is about enough to give me a heart attack. Thanks for helping my kids run more fundamentally correct.”-Kevin  

“Hey Tim I thought the camp was cool. I liked when we learned how to use all of are body to make us go faster. I also liked all the competitions. that was the most fun thing of the camp. I loved it, it was awesome.”--Nolan Jones (camp participant)